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Conventional nicotine is also known as “freebase” nicotine. salt is the kind of nicotine found in leaves of tobacco. The salts contain not only nicotine but various other organic components. salt is a compound where the nicotine is bonded to other chemicals. This is not the case with freebase nicotine. Studies have been carried out which suggest salts were more efficient in delivering nicotine to users, including an experiment conducted by PAX Labs. The addition of benzoic acid to salts reduces the pH, which means vaping isn’t as harsh. Many experiments have taken place with the aim of improving the efficiency of salts.


  • Better, faster nicotine fixes that deliver in 6-7 seconds. Why? Freebase nicotine takes longer for the satisfaction feeling- it’s absorbed by the body in a build-up way. If anyone can get crankier faster than a six week-old baby, it’s a quitting smoker craving their hit. Nic salts allow the nicotine to enter the bloodstream at a similar speed to cigarettes- exactly what quitters are looking to replicate. Switch to nic salts and your nicotine is basically on demand. PAX labs proved it.
  • It’s technically cheaper.While nic salts themselves are a touch pricier, your e-cigarette will deliver nicotine more efficiently. That technically translates to vaping less, consuming less juice, and hey presto, more cash in the bank.
  • Way better shelf life.Since nic salts are more chemically stable than conventional e-liquids, they store much better and longer. The quality of the nicotine never fades.
  • Smooth, mild throat hit.It’s unlikely you give two squats about pH levels. Honestly, you don’t need to. The scientists did the work. They figured out that nic salts without the added food-grade benzoic acid actually absorb less efficiently. Chuck in the acid (little to no evidence to suggest it isn’t safe) and the nicotine chemically “degrades” into the opposite word- an upgrade. Smooth hits, instant nic rush. Win-win.

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