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What are Pod Vapes?

There are two different types of pod Kits; open systems and closed pod systems:

  • Closed Pod Kits Systems:
    Closed pod Kit Types systems are the kind of vape that have replaceable pod cartridges only including the likes of JUUL and RELX, and these ones aren’t refillable. They’re super convenient as you can carry a spare in your pocket but mean you get a bit less use out of them than an open system. You’re also a bit more limited when it comes to flavours.
  • Disposable Vape Pens:
    Another type of closed pod system are disposable vape pens, an all in one device which has a fully integrated pod (non-refillable) and internal battery. Designed to last a finite period of time, they’re a fantastic option for a transitioning smoker. Most popular disposables including Elf Bar’s 600 disposable pod device and the world renowned classic Geek bar.
  • Opened Pod Systems:
    The open system pod vape, on the other hand, employs a refillable pod cartridge that can be filled with any flavoured e-liquid you’d like. These are available with integrated or interchangeable coils.

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